SlapOS git repositories layout

This document explains the goal of the different SlapOS repositories available at

The repositories are sorted by importance, from the most important to the least significant.


Contains all the Buildout Python recipes (a.k.a slapos.cookbook) and all the Buildout profiles.

This is the repository you need when you want to create or edit Software Releases, or port your software to SlapOS.


Contains all the python code that is not a recipe and contains "logic". It includes helpers run by some Software Releases (like onetimeupload, that allows the user to... upload a file at runtime). It also includes big slapos-related projects, like the core of the slaprunner.


Contains the core of slapos. This is all the code of slapos itself, including the Node (slapgrid, etc) and the Master.


Contains all the packaging-related stuffs, like Debian package definition, Windows installer, Android installer and so on.


Contains SlapOS fork of


Contains SlapOS fork of zc.buildout, with incompatible changes. The goal is to upstream all that we can contribute to zc.buildout.


Contains the Python implementation of the shacache ( caching system.


Contains the "rebootstrap" Buildout extension allowing to self-contain a Python installation inside of a buildout.

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